Superfund Site Profile

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The site is located in Sanford, 25 miles northeast of Orlando, in Seminole County, Florida. The site includes the former SGP facility, an unnamed tributary and Cloud Branch Creek from the unnamed tributary to where the creek discharges into Lake Monroe. Residences and commercial businesses border the site.

From the 1880s until 1951, manufacturing of water gas and carbureted water gas took place at the site. Manufacturing operations included carbonization or destructive distillation of bituminous coal and coke. Operations generated waste, including tars and condensates, and stored the waste in gas holder tanks on site. The Florida Public Utilities Company (FPUC) currently owns most of the site. EPA did not list the site on the NPL but considers it an NPL-caliber site and is addressing it through the Superfund Alternative Approach. The parcel with the building onsite was purchased in 2016 by a BFPP. It is anticipated that the building will be remodeled so that it can once again be used for a prison ministry program.