Superfund Site Profile

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The 103-acre site is located in Selma, North Carolina. A phosphate fertilizer production facility and an agricultural chemical distribution facility formerly operated at the site. Site surroundings include East Preston Street/Gurley Road to the west, railroad lines to the northwest and northeast, and a U.S. Interstate 95 service road (Crocker Road) to the southeast. Broader site surroundings include undeveloped land, commercial and industrial businesses, and residences. The closest residences are located within a mile of the site and include low-income and minority residents. Site features include a rail spur that connects to a nearby ethanol distribution facility and a large storage building built on the site in the last five years.

Fertilizer production began at the site in the early 1900s and ceased in the 1960s. From 1963 to 2001, ownership of the site changed multiple times. NSEW Corporation is the site’s current owner. There are two major areas of interest at the site: the Pesticide Burial Area and the Acid Plant Area. The Pesticide Burial Area is where Gurley Milling Company, the property owner at the time, buried 147 drums of pesticides in 1974. A subsequent owner, Illinois Cereal Mills, removed the drums in 1994. The Acid Plant Area was the location of discharges of acidic waters containing metals during fertilizer processing operations.

EPA did not list the site on the NPL, but considers it an NPL-caliber site and is addressing it through the Superfund Alternative Approach. This approach uses the same investigation and cleanup processes and standards used for sites listed on the NPL.