Superfund Site Profile


The current ground-water samping results indicate that the contaminants in the ground water have acheived a reduction of 90% since the Remedial Action implementation. The City is currently evaluating options for optimizing the groundwater cleanup strategy.

The City of Orlando requested EPA assistance with investigating the possibility of the vapor intrusion (VI) migration pathway for several local business which overlap the current ground-water plume. EPA held a VI sampling event in March 2017 and will hold a second sampling event in September 2017.


The Former Spellman Engineering property is located at 722 Brookhaven Drive, northeast of Lake Highland, Orlando, Orange County, Florida. The Site includes light industrial, commercial and residential properties. It also includes the former Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) maintenance facility and the former Spellman Engineering property. The former Spellman Engineering property is currently occupied by an unrelated business. It is believed that the site releases originated from the Former Spellman Engineering property and the area to the west of the building that is now a parking lot for the neighboring business.

Spellman Engineering was a parts cleaning business located on Brookhaven Drive which operated from approximately 1963 to 1969. It was reported to the Central District of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) that trichloroethene (TCE) was used by Spellman Engineering to clean electronic components for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). No records were available to describe operations at the former Spellman Engineering site. However, past reports indicated parts cleaning occurred in the southern portion of the property just north of the railroad tracks and that waste solvent was stored in drums which were emptied in the vicinity of the parts cleaning area.


In 1992, TCE was initially detected in the ground water during an unrelated contamination assessment performed by the FDEP at a nearby former Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) maintenance facility. After several investigations were conducted, the source of the TCE was traced back to the property which was the former location of the Spellman Engineering parts cleaning business.

In 2003, a Remedial Investigation was voluntarily conducted by the City of Orlando with oversight from the EPA to define the horizontal and vertical extent of the TCE groundwater contaminant plume. A Baseline Risk Assessment and Feasibility Study were also conducted by the City of Orlando in 2004 to evaluate the risks associated with the contamination and to evaluate cleanup alternatives.