Superfund Site Profile

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The 260-acre site is located east of Memphis in Cordova, Shelby County, Tennessee. Macon Road borders the site to the north. A forested area borders the site to the south. Grays Creek borders the site to the east. A Tennessee Valley Authority easement borders the site to the west. Railroad tracks border the site to the northwest. The site’s broader surroundings include industrial, residential, agricultural and commercial land uses.

From 1941 to 1945, the National Fireworks company manufactured various munitions, including flares, grenades and incendiary bombs as well as 20-millimeter and 40-millimeter rounds for the United States Army and Navy at the site. Operations mixed chemicals and tested manufactured goods on site.

In 1986, developers redeveloped the site as Cordova Industrial Park. The industrial park includes several subdivided industrial lots occupied by distribution, office, sales, storage, repair and production facilities. Site PRP Security Signals, an ordnance manufacturer, also operates on the site.