Superfund Site Profile

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The Sanford Dry Cleaners site includes the area where a laundry and dry cleaning facility operated from the 1940s to 2001. EPA placed the site on the Superfund program’s National Priorities List (NPL) in 2010 because of contaminated groundwater and soil resulting from past operations. In 2005, EPA and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) began investigating site conditions to assess the source of site contamination and how far potential contaminants may have spread. Site contamination does not currently threaten people living and working near the site. EPA in collaboration with FDEP implemented all actions necessary to make sure that local residents and the environment are safe from site contamination.

The approximately 1-acre site is located in Sanford in east-central Florida. Lake Monroe is located one half-mile north of the site. The site includes two adjacent properties with buildings located at 113, 117 and 121 South Palmetto Avenue. All three buildings are currently vacant. The City of Sanford owns two of the buildings; a non-profit organization owns the third. Several commercial properties border the site, including a plumbing business, a restaurant, pottery and wine stores, and an art studio. Several residential properties are also located in the area. From the 1940s until 2001, several businesses used the site as a laundry and dry cleaning facility. The first dry cleaning facility established on site was Downtown Drycleaners and Laundry in the 1940s. The chemical tetrachloroethylene, also called perchloroethylene, PERC or PCE, was the primary solvent used in the dry cleaning operations.