Superfund Site Profile


This Superfund site consists of an approximately 7.5-square-mile area in southeastern portion of the city of Rockford. Ground water investigations performed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency between 1981 and 1988 showed that many private and municipal wells were contaminated at levels higher than federal health standards. Further investigations determined that the contaminants were used by local industries and were released into the environment from storage tanks and improper disposal practices.

In 1989, residents with high ground water contamination in their drinking water wells were given bottled water by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a temporary measure and the site was added to EPA's National Priorities List. In order to provide residents with a permanent supply of uncontaminated drinking water, EPA hooked up 547 homes to Rockford's municipal water system in 1991.

As the result of a cooperative agreement with the State of Illinois, the Illinois EPA is the lead agency for the cleanup of three sources of the ground water contamination in southeast Rockford:

         -- Area 4 (near Harrison Avenue and Marshall Street),

         -- Area 7 (Ekberg Pine Manor Park at the east end of Balsam Lane) and

         -- Area 11 (northeast corner of Eleventh Street and Harrison Avenue).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is the lead agency for the one source of ground water contamination, Area 9/10.

Most of Area 9/10 is located on the property of the Hamilton Sunstrand Plant near the corner of Eleventh Street and Harrison Avenue. Historically, Area 9/10 has been used for industrial activity since about 1926 when the Rockford Milling Machine and Rockford Tool companies merged to become the Sundstrand Machine Tool Company.