Superfund Site Profile


The Lehillier/Mankato site is located in Blue Earth County, Minnesota. Uncontrolled dumping occurred at the 1,000-acre site until 1972. In the early 1980s, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) sampled domestic wells and confirmed volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination of groundwater in the area. A number of small dumps were known to exist in the area, but a specific source of the contamination was not found. 

Several residential wells were impacted as well as one of the municipal wells for Mankato, a city of 30,000 people. The city's well is directly downgradient and less than one-quarter mile from the VOC plume. The surficial aquifer, which is the impacted aquifer at the site, is the drinking water source for Mankato. No contamination has been detected to date in the municipal well near the site. A new municipal well was recently constructed approximately one-quarter mile to the north of the contamination. Both municipal wells draw from the shallow aquifer.