Superfund Site Profile


The LaGrand Sanitary Landfill is a five acre landfill located in a rural setting in west-central Douglas County, Minnesota approximately eight miles west of the town of Alexandria and approximately three miles south of the town of Garfield. The landfill accepted mixed municipal solid waste for disposal from 1974 to 1985. The landfill was closed in 1985 and was listed on the National Priorities List for cleanup.

EPA and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency selected a cleanup plan for the landfill in 1992.  The plan was implemented by MPCA, including long-term monitoring of groundwater, stabilization and covering of exposed wastes, and institutional controls to restrict future use of the property. The site was deleted from the NPL in 1997. In 1998, Douglas County and MPCA entered into an agreement called a Landfill Cleanup Agreement that transferred ownership of a 70 acre property that includes the landfill to the State. In 2008, MPCA transferred a portion of the site property to Runestone Electric for operation of an electric substation.  In 2009, MPCA granted an easement to Great River Energy to construct and operate an electric transmission line across another portion of the property.  Both areas are outside of the waste footprint. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency currentyl oversees operation and maintenance of the site's remedy under its Closed Landfill Program.