Superfund Site: ORMET CORP.

Superfund Site Profile


The Ormet Corp. site is located along the Ohio River in Monroe County, Ohio approximately 3 miles north of the city of Hannibal in the southeastern corner of the state. An aluminum processing plant operated on this site from 1958 to 2013. Plant wastes were historically disposed of on the ground or in unlined lagoons in the northeast portion of the facility.  At various times five disposal ponds were used.  They were unlined and constructed of natural materials.

The contamination found in the area prompted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to propose that the Site be placed on the National Priorities List in September 1985.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized the listing on July 21, 1987.

In May l987 the U.S. EPA, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Ormet Corporation entered into an Administrative Order by Consent providing for Ormet to conduct a remedial investigation and feasibility study with U.S. EPA oversight.   Moderate levels of cyanide and fluoride in the groundwater were identified.  Soils in the area were identified as a primary ongoing contributor of cyanide and fluoride contamination to groundwater. The Proposed Plan and Record of Decision to remedy the site were published in 1994, and construction of the cleanup remedy was completed in 1998.

The site is being monitored to ensure the remedy is still protective of human health and the environment.