Superfund Site Profile


The 78-acre Skinner Landfill site is located in southern Ohio, about 40 miles north of Cincinnati. It is located on a ridge above the east fork of Mill Creek in West Chester. While in operation from the late 1950s until July 1990, the landfill (which actually covers about 10 acres including a one-acre lagoon) accepted municipal, industrial, construction, and commercial waste including solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.

A final cleanup plan was selected in June 1993 that included constructing a landfill cap over the landfill and lagoon area, digging and moving contaminated soil outside the area onto the landfill and covered by the cap, and intercepting, capturing and discharging contaminated ground water to the publicly owned treatment works and operating and maintaining the site for 30 years. Per a 1994 legal agreement called a consent order, several companies determined responsible for the contamination agreed to design the cleanup. Another legal agreement called a consent decree was signed in federal court 2001 and the cleanup was completed later that year.