Superfund Site:


Superfund Site Profile

Site Contacts

Community Involvement Coordinator
Susan Pastor
(312) 353-1325

Remedial Project Manager
Stephanie Linebaugh
(312) 353-2315

Site Location

Street Address:
2200 N COUNTY RD, TROY, OH 45337


The 65-acre Miami County Incinerator site is located in Miami County, Ohio. An incinerator and several landfills opened on site in 1968 to process and dispose of municipal and industrial wastes. Large volumes of combustible wastes were landfilled along with non-combustible wastes. Liquid wastes, including waste oils and solvents, were dumped or buried on site. A contaminated plume of organic chemicals flowed from the liquid disposal area into the Great Miami River. This plume contaminated wells of many residents who live near the site. The site’s potentially responsible parties (PRPs) connected residents with affected wells to public water supplies. Following ...
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