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Community Involvement Coordinator
Adrian Palomeque
(312) 353-2035

Remedial Project Manager
Syed Quadri
(312) 886-5736

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ST RTE 444
DAYTON, OH 45324


Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) is located in southwestern Ohio and encompasses approximately 8100 acres. Area B consists of 2,400 acres and three old runways; it houses primarily research facilities. Area A covers 5700 acres and contains an active runway complex, warehouses, offices, industrial facilities and flight line support.

The Installation Restoration Program at WPAFB began in 1981, and consists of 65 sites or source areas (including 13 landfills, 12 earth-fill disposal zones, nine fuel or chemical spill sites, six coal storage piles, five fire-training areas, four chemical burial sites, two underground storage tanks and miscellaneous other sites). Following cleanup, operation and ...
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