Superfund Site: HAGEN FARM

Superfund Site Profile

May 2017

EPA is proposing an amendment to its 1992 decision document, referred to as the record of decision, to officially change the original groundwater cleanup from pump and treat to a newer technology called low flow air sparge. This technology was tested in 2000 and was determined to be effective.  It replaced the pump-and-treat system a few years later.

´╗┐For more information, read EPA's proposed plan.


The 28-acre Hagen Farm site, 2318 County Highway A in unincorporated Dunkirk Township, is approximately one mile east of the city of Stoughton, Wisconsin. About 10 acres were used as a sand and gravel pit prior to the late 1950s and then used for disposal of waste materials through the mid-1960s. Waste from chemicals, including vinyl chloride and tetrahydrofuran, contaminated soil and groundwater.

Waste Management of Wisconsin, one of the companies connected to the site, cleaned up about 68,000 cubic yards of waste, including municipal refuse, paint sludge, grease, rubber, plastic sheeting, and industrial chemicals in the 1990s.