Superfund Site: VERTAC, INC.

Superfund Site Profile


The 193-acre Vertac, Inc. site is located in Jacksonville, Arkansas. The site includes two areas, Parcel 1 and Parcel 2, which Vertac Chemical Corporations acquired at different times. Parcel 1 includes the central process area, which began operating in 1948. Vertac Chemical Corporation purchased Parcel 2 in 1978 but never used the area for herbicide formulation operations. Operations at the site contaminated soil, sediment, debris, surface water and groundwater. Groundwater treatment and monitoring are ongoing.

Current Status
On July 26, 2001, EPA signed the first Five-Year Review report for the site following a thirty day public comment period. The report is available on the EPA website along with the public comments and the responsiveness summary. The second Five-Year Review report was completed on November 20, 2003. The third Five-Year review was completed on November 20, 2008. The results of the third Five-Year review concluded that the site remedy remains protective of human health and the environment. The fourth Five Year Review was signed on May 13, 2014, and is available at the local repository.

The VERTAC Incorporated Superfund Site (the site) is approximately 193 acres in size, and is located on Marshall Road in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Jacksonville is about 15 miles northwest of the State Capital, Little Rock. Approximately 1,000 residents live within one mile of the site, with residential areas bordering the entire east and south sides. The west and northern sides of the site are bounded by an industrial area and the Little Rock Air Force Base, respectively.

The site consists of two parcels of land (Parcel 1 and Parcel 2) that were acquired at different times during plant operations. Parcel 1 (the southern acreage), which contained the central process area, is approximately 93 acres and had been in nearly continuous use since 1948 (prior to remedial action activities). Parcel 2, which is approximately 100 acres to the north, was purchased by Vertac Chemical Corporation (Vertac) in 1978 but was never used in the herbicides formulations operation. In 1979, the 2,4,5-T storage shed was built adjacent to the Regina paint building to contain empty Vertac 2,4,5-T waste drums. Several other structures were constructed in the early 1990’s by the EPA. After remedial action was complete in late 1998, the City of Jacksonville acquired Parcel 2, and is currently using some of the structures constructed by EPA to house the City’s re-cycling center. The City also has also re-developed this property for police and fire department training facilities.

Remediation of Vertac Superfund Site reduced the environmental risks for the citizens of Jacksonville, a city with approximately 30,000 residents.

About 10,000 cubic yards of highly contaminated waste were treated by incineration. Approximately 25,000 cubic yards of debris resulting from demolition of buildings and equipment have been disposed in the on-site RCRA Subtitle C landfill (consolidation/containment unit).
Approximately 20,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil have been disposed (contained) in the on-site RCRA landfill.

The numerous cleanup actions performed to date have reduced the further spread of contaminants and the threat of exposure to dioxin wastes from the tanks and drums on site, as well as the threat of dioxin exposure from contaminated buildings and debris, soil and groundwater. The Vertac, Inc., site cleanup activities are 100% complete; therefore, the threats posed by dioxin contaminated media have been eliminated. Almost half of the Vertac site (the north half) has been re-developed by the City of Jacksonville.

National Priorities Listing (NPL) History
NPL Proposal Date: December 30, 1982
NPL Final Date: September 8, 1983