Superfund Site: CLEVE REBER

Superfund Site Profile


Current Status

Next Five Year review planned for September 2018. Post closure monitoring continues on an annual basis. A notice was placed in the property records alerting that portions of the site have been used for waste disposal activities. A site inspection was conducted July 2, 2013 as part of the Five Year review that was completed in September 2013.

Site Background

The 25-acre Cleve Reber site is located in Sorrento, Louisiana. During the construction of Highway 70 and the Sunshine Bridge, the site served as a borrow pit for fill material. Following completion of the highway and bridge, the Environmental Controls Company (ECCO) leased the property in 1970. A disposal area for municipal waste that also accepted industrial waste from chemical plants in the Ascension Parish area operated on site. A Louisiana court determined that operations violated the state’s sanitary code and ECCO abandoned the site in 1974. Waste disposal operations contaminated soil and groundwater. Following cleanup, post-closure monitoring of the landfill is ongoing.

National Priorities Listing (NPL) History
Proposed Date: December 30, 1982
Final Date: September 8, 1983

Location: Ascension Parish, Louisiana. Between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. One mile south of Highway 22 on the east side of Highway 70.

Population: Eleven residences close to the site. Approximately 155 people within one mile. Approximately 567 people within two miles.