Superfund Site: BAYOU BONFOUCA

Superfund Site Profile


Current Status

A third year review was complete in July 2011 which determined that the overall remedy for the site is protective in the short term. The next five year review in schedule for 2016. Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and FEMA assessed the extent of the damage and completed the necessary repairs. Damage to some of the operating equipment resulted from hurricane Katrina in late August 2005. Sampling on and around the site took place in December 2005 to assess if any contaminants in the bayou were spread into neighboring areas. This sampling did not show any contamination problems on or around the site.

Site Background

The 54-acre Bayou Bonfouca site is located in Slidell, Louisiana. A creosote plant began operating on site in 1882. During operations, numerous releases of creosote took place from spills, runoff and discharges. In the early 1970s, a fire at the plant ruptured several large storage tanks, causing creosote to flow onto the site and into the bayou. Operations ended in 1972, followed by disassembly of the plant. Operations contaminated soil, sediment and groundwater. Contamination resulted in sterilization of Bayou Bonfuca. Following cleanup, operation and maintenance activities and groundwater treatment and monitoring are ongoing.

National Priorities Listing (NPL) History
Site Hazard Ranking System Score: 29.78
Proposed Date: 12/30/82
Final Date: 9/08/83

Location: The site includes about 54 acres and associated Bayou sediments. It is located in Slidell, Louisiana on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain and includes the former American Creosote Works Plant and a portion of scenic Bayou Bonfouca. The site is south of West Hall Avenue in Slidell and north of and adjacent to Bayou Bonfouca (See Site Map).

Population: Approximately 26,000 residents live in the surrounding community.