Superfund Site: HIGHWAY 71/72 REFINERY

Superfund Site Profile


Current Status

Canadian Oxy Offshore Production Co. (COPCO) is working with EPA and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) to clean up the contamination at the Site. Glenn Springs Holding Inc. (GSHI) represents COPCO in the cleanup of Highway 71/72 Refinery Site (Site) contamination. The process for the first Five-Year Review has been completed. The Five-Year Review was signed final on May 3, 2013; the review determined that the remedy remains protective of human health and the environment.´╗┐

Site Background´╗┐

The 215-acre Highway 71/72 Refinery site (also called the Old Citgo Refinery or the Arkansas Fuel Oil Refinery) is located near the intersections of Louisiana State Highways 71 and 72 in Bossier City, Bossier Parish, Louisiana. Crude oil refining operations began on the site in the 1920s and ended sometime between 1944 and 1948. The refinery consisted of processing areas, bulk storage areas, distribution areas and a railroad tank car repair yard. Refinery operations and waste disposal practices contaminated soil, indoor air and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. Following remedy construction, operation and maintenance activities and monitoring are ongoing.

´╗┐National Priorities Listing (NPL) History
Proposal Date: February 13, 1995

Location: The Highway 71/72 Refinery Site is located in downtown Bossier City, Louisiana, about 2 miles east of downtown Shreveport and 1,800 feet north of the Red River. The former refinery site consisted of about 215 acres. The geodetic coordinates of the Site are 32°31.0' north latitude and 93°42.7' west longitude.

Population: Bossier City (population 61,631 in 2010; 3500 people currently live onsite.(U.S. Census Bureau, 2010).