Superfund Site: D.L. MUD, INC.

Superfund Site Profile


Current Status

Operation and maintenance activities are ongoing. The third five-year review (FYR) was completed on September 3, 2013. The FYR reveals the site continues to be protective to human health and the environment in the long term. The Fourth Five-Year Review Report is scheduled to begin in early 2018.

Site Background

The 12.8-acre D.L. Mud, Inc. site is located about 2.5 miles southwest of Abbeville, Louisiana. The area was originally part of a 25.6-acre parcel of land used as a drilling mud facility until 1986. The remaining portion of the 25.6-acre parcel is now known as the Gulf Coast Vacuum Services Superfund site. While the facility was open, operators used large tanks and surface impoundments to mix and store raw materials and waste. The types of wastes generated, stored or disposed of at the site were defined as “non-hazardous oilfield wastes,” which can contain hazardous substances. Site activities and waste disposal practices contaminated soil with hazardous chemicals.

National Priority Listing (NPL) History
Proposed Date: June 24, 1988
Final Date: October 04, 1989

Location: 2.5 miles southwest of Abbeville, Louisiana
1.5 miles west of the Vermilion River.
Directly adjacent to the Gulf Coast Vacuum Services Superfund Site.

Population: Approximately 2600 residents within 3 miles of the site