Superfund Site Profile


Current Status

The Site is currently in operation & maintenance status. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) operates the DNAPL recovery trench system and performs routine monitoring. The EPA, LDEQ, and St. Tammany Parish have explored recreational reuse scenarios for future use of the property. The site is ready for limited reuse.
The DNAPL recovery trench system continues to operate. An estimated 19,550 gallons of creosote have been recovered as of April 2015.

The process for the third Five-Year Review has been completed. The Five-Year Review was signed final on February 24, 2014; the review determined that the remedy remains protective of human health and the environment.

Site Background

The 29-acre Madisonville Creosote Works site is located in Madisonville, Louisiana. A creosote wood-treating facility began operations on site in 1956 or 1957. Facility operations contaminated soil and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. Following construction of the site’s remedy, operation and maintenance activities are ongoing.

National Priorities Listing (NPL) History
Proposed Date: June 17, 1996
Final Date: December 23, 1996

Location: The Site consists of a defunct creosote wood treating facility and covers about 29 acres in Section 42, Township 7S, Range 10E, St. Tammany Parish, in southeastern Louisiana. It is adjacent to the southern side of Louisiana State Highway 22, about 3 miles west of downtown Madisonville and 1.25 miles from the Madisonville city limits. The approximate geographical center of the Site is at 30° 25’38” north latitude and 90° 11’55” west longitude as measured from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) 7.5-minute series topographic quadrangle for Madisonville, Louisiana. The address of the property is 1421 West Highway 22, Madisonville, Louisiana 70447.

Population: 500 residents within 1 mile radius