Superfund Site Profile



Location: The Malone Service Company (MSC) Site is located in Texas City, Galveston County, Texas, at 5300 Campbell Bayou Road. The Site is on the shores of Swan Lake and Galveston Bay, approximately 1.6 miles south-east of the intersection of Loop 197 and State Highway 3.

Population: The Site is bounded to the northwest and southwest by operating and closed waste management fa-cilities and to the northeast, southeast, and south by Swan Lake and a large expanse of wetlands. The Site is approx-imately 1.5 miles from the nearest residential area. An es-timated 10,000 people live and/or work within a three mile radius of the site.

Setting: The MSC was a reclamation, storage and dispos-al facility for waste oils and chemicals that included acid and caustic compounds, solvents, and crude oil tank bot-toms. The MSC site covers approximately 150 acres. Ap-proximately 100 acres (northeastern portion of the Site) of the 150-acre site were developed for the storage, pro-cessing and disposal of industrial hazardous wastes. The developed acreage contained numerous waste handling areas which include storage tanks, 2 API separators, a ±5 acre settling pond (Earthen Impoundment), a closed ±0.5 acre waste collection pond (Oil Pit), and two (2) deep sub-surface injection wells.

Background and Current Status

The EPA Superfund Division Director signed the Record of Decision (ROD) on September 30, 2009; the ROD pre-sents the selected remedy for sludge waste (solidification and placement in on-site Subtitle C cell), contaminated soil (placement in Subtitle C cell) and Class 3 ground water (monitor) at the Site.

The EPA and the Potential Responsible Parties (PRPs) have agreed to the Consent Decree (CD) for the implemen-tation of the Remedial Design (RD) and Remedial Action (RA)/cleanup. The PRPs began RD/RA activities in 2013, and expect cleanup to be completed in 2017.

Air Monitoring

EPA oversees the cleanup at the Site, and all work is con-ducted under EPA and TCEQ approved work plans, in-cluding a Site specific Air Monitoring Work Plan (AMP). As part of the AMP, EPA and the Site cleanup contractors continuously monitor air quality and collect air samples within the Site and at the Site property perimeter, both upwind and downwind, on a daily basis. None of the air monitoring data has recorded levels that are dangerous or that exceed the EPA approved health based action levels at the perimeter.

Some of the material being cleaned up has an extremely low odor threshold, and with changing wind directions nearby residents may notice the odor, which presents no health threat to the community. The cleanup work on the materials with the low odor threshold is expected to be largely completed by early 2017. The Site cleanup con-tractors have implemented extensive engineering controls in the field to minimize any odor that could leave the Site.

In response to resident complaints of odor potentially re-sulting from the cleanup, EPA and the Galveston County Health District have investigated and determined that to the extent the odor is from the Site, the odor presents no health threat to the community. Representatives of the Health District have worked cooperatively with EPA and the PRPs to ensure the ongoing cleanup work is properly protective of the community and on-site workers.