Superfund Site Profile


The John Deere Ottumwa Works Superfund site is located in the city of Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. The John Deere facility is approximately 118 acres and has manufactured farm machinery since 1900. This activity led to contamination of groundwater and soils with solvents, paint sludges, acids, heavy metals and cyanide. The selected remedial action at the site includes deed restrictions, continued maintenance of the site perimeter fence, and groundwater and surface water monitoring. EPA deleted the site from the Superfund program’s National Priorities List in 2001.

EPA completed the fourth Five-Year Review for the site in April 2013. The protectiveness determination was deferred based on the need to collect additional surface water samples from Black Lake, located adjacent to the site, to evaluate the ecological exposure pathway. The recommended sampling was conducted in July and November 2013. Based on the sampling results, there are no contaminants of potential ecological concern in surface water collected from Black Lake that would present an adverse ecological risk to flora and/or fauna at the site. EPA completed a Five-Year Review Addendum in March 2015 which concluded the remedial action at the John Deere Ottumwa Works Superfund Site is protective of human health and the environment. EPA has started the Fifth Five-Year Review which will be completed by April 2018.