Superfund Site Profile


The Sheller-Globe Corporation Disposal Site, also known as the Grimes Property Site, is located in Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa. The seven-acre site includes a primary disposal area and secondary disposal area known as the North Hill disposal area. The primary disposal area is a 6.6-acre portion of the site bordered by Airport Road (340th Street) to the south, 260th Avenue to the west, and two unnamed intermittent streams to the north and east. The North Hill disposal area is located on a small hill east of 260th Avenue approximately one-quarter of a mile north of Airport Road.

From 1948 until 1972, waste materials were hauled to the primary disposal area of the site from the former Sheller-Globe plant in Keokuk, Iowa. The Sheller-Globe plant manufactured various rubber products and automobile parts. The waste material brought to the site for disposal consisted of rubber, wood, paper, plastics and drums of various solvents and paint sludge. The wastes were periodically burned and then bulldozed over the hillsides from the ridge. Some of the materials were buried; others were spread across the property.

The selected remedial action to address site contaminants includes land use restrictions, demolition of the house and shed located on-site, removal of drums, construction of a soil and vegetative cover over the exposed ash and routine inspection and maintenance of the soil and vegetative cover. Land use in the vicinity of the site is predominantly pasture and forest land with scattered farms and residences. The site is currently vacant and composed of grasses and trees.

Following completion of the response actions, EPA deleted the site from the Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) in 1990. Routine inspection and maintenance of the soil and vegetative covers are ongoing. The third Five-Year Review was completed in June 2015. The review concluded the remedy at the site is protective of human health and the environment. The next Five-Year Review will be completed by June 2020.