Superfund Site Profile


Kem-Pest Labs operated a pesticide formulation plant, covering  an area of approximately six acres at Missouri Highway 177 near Cape Girardeau, Missouri, from 1965 to 1977. Wastes from the pesticide operations were disposed in a lagoon at the site. Pesticides, including chlordane, aldrin, endrin and heptachlor, were disposed in the lagoon. An EPA inspection in 1983 revealed that the lagoon cover was eroding and that no vegetation existed on the clay cap. Pesticides were detected in surface soils near the lagoon and in drainage paths leading off-site. In 1984, EPA detected various pesticides in on-site groundwater monitoring wells. EPA’s site response actions were divided into two operable units (OUs). OU 1 addressed contaminated soils and sediments, and OU 2 addressed the formulation building and groundwater. Cape Girardeau, with a population of 60,925, draws its drinking water from the Mississippi River less than 1 mile downstream from the site. Approximately 200 people live within a mile of the site, and 1,284 live within three miles. The site is adjacent to the flood plain of the Mississippi River. A freshwater wetland is located within a mile of the site.