Superfund Site Profile


The 60-acre Sherwood Medical Co. Site is located in Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska. Sherwood Medical Co. began its operations at the site in 1961. Medical syringes and other medical products were manufactured at this facility using injection-molding processes. Chlorinated solvents were used during the manufacturing processes which resulted in soil and groundwater contamination beneath the facility consisting mainly of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The facility continues to manufacture medical equipment and is currently owned and operated by Covidien. Operation and maintenance activities and monitoring are ongoing at the site.

The third Five-Year Review was completed for the site in September 2013. The review concluded the remedial action at the site is protective of human health and the environment through hydraulic containment and treatment of groundwater contamination by the groundwater extraction and treatment system in addition to institutional controls that are in place. Long-term protectiveness of the remedial action will be documented by groundwater sampling to verify that hydraulic containment and treatment is in accordance with the requirements in the Record of Decision. The next Five-Year Review will be completed by September 2018.