Superfund Site Profile

EPA recently approved remedial investigation (RI) reports including human health risk assessments (HHRA) for the Community Soils Operable Unit (OU). This OU is split into two components: Black Eagle residential soils and outlying area including the railroad corridor.

The RI reports and HHRAs are available for review and can be found at the Black Eagle Civic Center. A feasibility study analysis will be conducted in 2016.


The 427-acre ACM Smelter and Refinery site is located adjacent to the unincorporated community of Black Eagle along the Missouri River in Cascade County, Montana. The city of Great Falls is located across the Missouri River from the site.

The Boston & Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver Mining Company began construction of the first smelter at the site in 1892. Primary products from activities at the site were copper, zinc, arsenic and cadmium. Operations began in 1893, when ore from mines in Butte, Montana, was concentrated, smelted and refined. Electrolytic and furnace refineries also operated at the site. Anaconda Copper Mining Company acquired the property in 1910. Zinc smelting and refining activities continued at the facility until the early 1970s. The property again changed hands in 1977, when Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) purchased the site. Copper refining continued until the plant closed in 1980.

Eighty years of refinery and smelting operations contaminated soil, groundwater and surface water with hazardous chemicals. Investigation and cleanup of the site are ongoing.