Superfund Site Profile

Five-Year Review: EPA has just completed the fifth five-year review (PDF) (255 pp, 63.5 MB, About PDF) of cleanup actions at the Anaconda Smelter site. These reviews provide an opportunity to evaluate the implementation and performance of the remedy to determine whether it remains protective of human health and the environment. The fifth five-year review identified several key issues that could potentially effect long term protectiveness such as the need to implement and fund long-term institutional controls and long-term operation and maintenance plans. A fact sheet (PDF) (2 pp, 1.2 MB, About PDF) is available that provides an overview of the five-year review.

Home and Yard Sampling: Sampling of residential properties for lead will begin this fall and continue for at least the next three years. Yards previously tested and/or cleaned up for arsenic will now be evaluated for lead contamination. Interior and attic dust and the condition of exterior lead paint will also be evaluated during sampling.


The 300-square-mile Anaconda Co. Smelter site is located at the southern end of the Deer Lodge Valley in Montana, at and near the location of the former Anaconda Copper Mining Company (ACM) ore processing facilities. ACM facility operations included removal of copper from ore mined in Butte from about 1884 through 1980. Milling and smelting produced wastes with high concentrations of arsenic, as well as copper, cadmium, lead and zinc. These wastes contaminated soil, groundwater and surface water with hazardous chemicals. Cleanup is complete at several areas within the site. At these areas, operation and maintenance activities are ongoing. Cleanup is underway at the remaining areas.