Superfund Site Profile

A permanent controlled groundwater area is anticipated to be established by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Exit EPA Disclaimer in late 2017 to ensure that new wells are not developed in the plume area of groundwater contamination.

Pilot scale testing of ozone sparging, soil vapor extraction and addition of chemical oxidants are underway as part of the remedy design to determine their effectiveness in treating contaminated soil and groundwater at the site.


The 580-acre Lockwood Solvent Ground Water Plume site is located on the outskirts of Billings in Yellowstone County, Montana. In 1986, Lockwood Water and Sewer District personnel discovered benzene and chlorinated solvents in their water supply wells. Subsequent investigations found a plume of groundwater contamination. The primary sources of contamination are Beall Trailers of Montana and Soco West (formerly Brenntag West Inc.).

The former Beall facility manufactured and repaired tanker truck trailers primarily to transport asphalt. From 1978 to 1990, trailers were cleaned with industrial solvents and steam prior to maintenance or repair. The wastewater from the steam clean bay was discharged to a septic system and drain field.

Soco West (formerly Brenntag West Inc.) was a chemical repackaging and distribution company. Under previous owners, the property was developed and operations began in 1972. The facility is currently abandoned with no future use anticipated until cleanup is completed.