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Community Involvement Coordinator
Alejandro Diaz
(415) 972-3242

Remedial Project Manager
RoseMarie Caraway
(415) 972-3158

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Street Address:
600 S DERBY RD, ARVIN, CA 93203


The Brown & Bryant, Inc. (Arvin Plant) covers about 5 acres in Arvin, CA. The company began operations in 1960 as a formulator of agricultural chemicals, including fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fumigants. During inspections by state agencies, improper handling and disposal of hazardous wastes at the facility were documented. Accidental spills of pesticides also occurred at the site. In 1979, an evaporation pond was built in the southeastern corner of the site. When the facility was operating, the pond received pesticide rinse water and surface runoff from the site. As a result of heavy rains, this pond overflowed on at ...
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