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Community Involvement Coordinator
Yolanda Sanchez
(415) 972-3880

Remedial Project Manager
Andrew Bain
(415) 972-3167

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Site Location

Street Address:
River from Mexican Dam to terminal wetlands
Gold, SixMile Canyons and Washoe Lake
DAYTON, NV 89401


The Carson River Mercury site includes mercury-contaminated soils at former mill sites, mercury contamination in waterways adjacent to the mill sites, and mercury contamination in sediments, fish and wildlife. The site extends over more than a 50-mile length of the Carson River beginning near Carson City, Nevada, and extending downstream to the Lahontan Valley. Contamination at the site is a legacy of the Comstock mining era of the late 1800s, when mercury was imported to the area for processing of gold and silver ore. Today, the mercury is in the sediments and adjacent floodplain of the Carson River and in ...
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