Superfund Site: COOPER DRUM CO.

Superfund Site Profile

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The Cooper Drum Co. site is a 3.8-acre facility located at 9316 South Atlantic Avenue in South Gate, California. Rayo Avenue borders the site to the east and the former Tweedy Elementary School property is located directly to the south. From 1941 until 1992, Cooper Drum Co. reconditioned closed-topped steel drums that previously held industrial chemicals. The reconditioning process consisted of flushing out and stripping the drums for painting and resale. Heavy-duty cleaning called “hard washing” took place on the northeast part of the Site (the former hard wash area, or HWA), when necessary. Beginning in 1976, reconditioning activities took place at the present-day drum processing area (DPA), located on what is now the central part of the site. Fluids generated by reconditioning and hard washing activities were collected in open concrete pits and trenches. This led to the contamination of soil and groundwater beneath the site. The site’s long-term cleanup is ongoing.