Superfund Site: OESER CO.

Superfund Site Profile


The 27-acre Oeser Company site is located in a mixed residential and industrial area of Bellingham, Washington. The owners have operated a wood-treating facility on site since 1943. Operations include preparing and treating wood poles for utility companies. Most of the site is used to store treated and untreated logs, with the wood-treating plant occupying 3 acres of the site. Site operations used creosote, which contains semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), as a wood-treating preservative up until 1983 when the company switched to using an oil containing pentachlorophenol (PCP). Wood-treating operations resulted in soil and groundwater contamination. Following construction of the site’s long-term remedy, operation and maintenance activities and monitoring are ongoing.

Restoration of nearshore habitat is a goal of the City of Bellingham. The City and other stakeholders have identified Little Squalicum Creek and beach area as a priority site for shoreline enhancement and restoration in Bellingham Bay. See the City of Bellingham’s plans for Little Squalicum Creek Estuary.