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Staying Informed and Involved


EPA has conducted many community involvement activities at the site to get community input and to make sure the public remains informed about activities throughout the cleanup process. Outreach activities include public notices and information meetings.

Site Repository:

Installation Restoration Program

Homestead Air Reserve Base 482d SPTG/CEV

360 Coral Sea Boulevard

Homestead ARB, Florida  33039-1299

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Are there risks at the site now?

Risks and pathways likely to be addressed by the cleanup include health risks from people ingesting or touching contaminants in soil, groundwater and surface water. Contamination resulted from operations at the site. The Air Force has removed significant amounts of the contaminants. However, some localized contamination remains in soil and groundwater. The site’s remaining contamination is not a threat to residents and businesses (i.e., human exposures are under control).

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Sampling and Monitoring Information

The Air Force will continue ground water monitoring until site ground water meets federal and state ground water standards.

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Community Resources

About half of the former Homestead Air Force Base site has been transitioned to an Air Reserve Base. Most of the remaining portion of the base has been transferred to Miami-Dade County for redevelopment. The county currently uses a portion of the transferred property for storage. The county’s fire department uses another portion of the property for training purposes.

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