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Are there risks at the site now?

Risks and pathways prior to the cleanup include health risks from people ingesting or touching contaminants in soil and groundwater. Contaminants in sediments in the Calcasieu River also posed potential risks to aquatic receptors.

´╗┐The removal action and site institutional controls on the use of groundwater have eliminated exposure pathways and minimized site risk.  

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Sampling and Monitoring Information

The responsible party continues to perform annual groundwater sampling and post removal site control inspections each year.

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Redevelopment Activity

The 20-acre Gulf State Utilities-North Ryan Street site is located on the Calcasieu River, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Beginning in 1916, various companies manufactured gas at the site. Site operators discharged coal tar by-products into the wetlands surrounding the site. Operators also repurposed a 6-acre wetlands area as a landfill and disposed of contaminated electrical equipment, drums, transformer oil and other wastes there. With the availability of natural gas, coal gas production activities ended at the site in 1932. In 1988, utility workers digging a trench discovered oily material seeping from the ground. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and EPA then became involved with site investigations and cleanup. Investigations found that site activities contaminated soil, sediment and groundwater with hazardous chemicals. EPA proposed the site to the Superfund program’s National Priorities List in 1995. Cleanup included removing contaminated soil and sediment and capping remaining contamination. The PRP covered the southern bank of the Calcasieu River with a mat of concrete blocks to help stabilize the shoreline and protect the newly cleaned area. Cleanup also included placement of land and groundwater use restrictions. Long-term groundwater monitoring continues. The PRP continues developing cleanup options to address remaining groundwater contamination. Cleanup activities allow for safe, continued use of the site for industrial and commercial uses. The Lake Charles Division Service Center of Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, LLC operates on about 16 acres of the site and provides support for electrical utility operations throughout Lake Charles. Lake Area Equipment Maintenance, Inc. also operates a warehouse on a portion of the site.

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Institutional Controls

The site is an active Entergy service facility.

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