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Are there risks at the site now?

Risks and pathways addressed by the cleanup include health risks from people ingesting, touching or inhaling contaminants in soil and dust.

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Community Resources

The Lewis and Clark County Lead Education and Assistance ProgramExit helps residents of the East Helena Superfund site prevent health risks associated with exposure to lead. The program offers blood lead screening for children and other services to reduce long-term reduction of exposures to lead.

The Montana Environmental Trust Group (METG)Exitis an independent, non-profit entity created to clean up, restore and revitalize the hazardous waste sites once owned by Asarco in the state of Montana. METG is responsible for the management and stewardship of the lands acquired in East Helena from the Asarco settlement.

An interactive mapping toolExitis available to the public and displays the cleanup status of properties within the East Helena Superfund site. The public can use the site to determine if a property has been sampled, if the results qualified that property to be remediated, and if the remediation has been finished. The interactive application allows users to search by property address or EPA site code.

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Redevelopment Activity

In the interest of future development, the City of East Helena annexed formerly Asarco-owned lands outside its city boundary in 2009. The community is now considering future land use, growth and development options. To support the community, EPA and the Montana Environmental Trust Group (trustee for the site after the 2009 Asarco bankruptcy) coordinated cleanup, local planning and development. The EPA Superfund Redevelopment Initiative funded a community planning charrette and reuse planning process. The reuse planning process involved 45 people from the local community in creating a development strategy for East Helena. The strategy focuses on land use and development, cultural heritage, and habitat and recreation. Current site uses are residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial.

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