Superfund Sites Search Tips

The Superfund Sites Search allows users to locate Superfund Site Information sites by providing at least one of the following criteria: site name, street address, EPA ID, city, county, state, ZIP code, region, contaminant, contaminated media, contaminant group, HRS score, Federal facility, action, action start date, action completion date, action lead type, environmental indicator, construction complete, construction completion date, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) designation or NPL Status.

The system provides great flexibility to perform a very general search or a very detailed search. To ensure the best match for your needs, utilize the following tips:

General Search Tips

  • If the site you are interested in does not appear in the search results, try changing the Active vs. Archived search option.
  • There must be something entered in at least one of the text boxes or something selected from one of the lists to generate a result.
  • The more exact the search criteria entered, the more relevant the search results displayed.
  • At any time, you may clear search criteria entered by clicking the Reset button located at the bottom of the page.
When Searching by City or County
  • There may be slight variations in the spelling of certain cities and counties, which cause the same city or county to be listed twice. For example, some sites are listed in Ft. Lauderdale (with a period after the "t"), whereas other sites are listed in Ft Lauderdale (without a period after the "t"). You may wish to try using a partial search if you are not finding an expected result. For example, search only for "Lauderdale."
  • The city or county is not listed for some sites. If you are unable to find a site using a city or county search, you may wish to try a search using a different search option as the site may not have its city or county listed.
Selecting Multiple Options from a List
  • In the fields that provide a list of options to choose from, holding the Shift key while selecting from the list or holding the Ctrl key while selecting from the list will select multiple options.
  • Shift Key - When holding only the Shift key while selecting, all options between the two options selected will also be selected. For example, in the State field, selecting Colorado then holding the Shift key and selecting Delaware will cause Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, and Delaware to be selected.
  • Ctrl Key - When holding only the Ctrl key while selecting, only those specific options will be selected. For example, selecting Colorado then holding the Ctrl key and selecting Delaware, will cause only Colorado and Delaware to be selected.
Combining Search Criteria
  • You may use any combination of search criteria when searching for a site. For example, you can enter criteria to search for all sites in Region 3, with the site name "Andrews" and the contaminated media "ground water." When combining search criteria, only those sites that match ALL criteria will be shown in the results.
Partial and Wild Card Searches
  • For those criteria with a text box, you may enter partial data. For example, entering "chlor" as a contaminant will provide results that include sites contaminated with dichlordichlorodifluoromethane, methylene chloride, and chloromethane, and any other contaminants with "chlor" in the name.
  • For those criteria with a text box, searches are not case-sensitive. For example, searches for "polychlor," "PolyCholor" and "POLYCHLOR" will all return the same results.
Search Results
  • When search results are rendered, they are displayed in ascending alphabetical order by Site Name. You may sort the results by any of the columns by clicking the arrow (Sort) in the appropriate column header. The results will be sorted in ascending alphabetical order.