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Record of Decision System (RODS)


Address:  121 LAUREL AVE
City & State:  KINGSTON  NJ  08526
EPA ID:  NJD053102232
EPA Region:  02
NPL Status:  Currently on the Final NPL
Also see:  Superfund Site Progress Profile

Record of Decision (ROD) List

The table below lists all available documents for this site. All full-text RODs are in PDF format. To download a full-text ROD, right click on the link below and select Save Link As. To view a full-text ROD or abstract, click the appropriate link below. Please note that download time may be extended given the size of the full-text document. File size is noted in kilobytes (K) or megabytes (M) next to each download link. If file size exceeds 100 M, or to report missing documents, missing pages or other questions, please request a customized RODS report.
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Fiscal Year
ROD Type ROD Date Operable Unit(s)    
2003 ESD 12/09/02   01   Abstract   Full-text [41K]
1997 ROD 09/30/97   01   Abstract   Full-text [165K]
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